House rule

House rules – Altstadt Appartements Augsburg

Dear tenant,
In order to maintain a pleasant living environment for you and the other tenants, please note the following points:

  • The rented rooms are exclusively intended for the tenant’s own use as living space. Any (even partial) transfer to third parties is prohibited.
  • The tenant may not set up or operate cooking facilities, refrigerators, washing machines, bicycles or similar in rooms that are not specially prepared for this. The furniture can only be rearranged in consultation with the administration
  • Evening rest is from 6 p.m. no instruments, loud music, etc. Noise level at room volume. Rest is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Please be quiet in the stairwell and in the hallways.
  • Overnight guests of the tenants and group visits (3 or more) of the tenants are to be registered with the caretaker or the administration in advance with name and address.
  • Evening celebrations within your apartment can only be announced at least two days in advance with the agreement of the tenants and the administration. The administration reserves the approval.
  • Pets are not allowed, or to register in advance with the administration.
  • The apartment is to be treated with care and care. Any damage within the apartment must be reported to the administration immediately. Property damage which is not due to wear or signs of aging is borne by the tenant. This also applies to damage and impairments by third parties who are in the rental rooms with the consent of the lessee.
  • Please separate the garbage for the sake of the environment. You will find separate containers in the courtyard. Furthermore, we ask you to use energy sparingly. (e.g.: turn off the light when you leave your room.)
  • When you leave the apartment, please close or tilt your windows. It is your responsibility to lock the apartment. We accept no liability for theft or burglary.
  • We accept no liability for damage to vehicles parked in the house or yard. The lessee is obliged to use only the parking spaces provided for parking his vehicle.
  • We accept no liability for accidents in the stairwell or your apartment. The landlord is to be released from all claims to recourse derived from this.
  • The apartments are declared non-smoking apartments, so smoking in the apartment and in the stairwell is prohibited. In the event of a violation, the property management reserves the right to clean all textiles (curtains, carpets, beds, mattresses, etc.) after moving out and to invoice the tenant.
  • The cleaning staff is required to move and move your things for the purpose of cleaning the apartment. (e.g. shoes when vacuuming carpets)
  • The landlord reserves the right to enter the apartments in urgent cases if there is any suspicion of damage or to rectify it, without prior notice.
  • All individual agreements on house rules between the tenant and the administration must be made in writing.
  • If you have any questions about the house rules, please contact us.

Your team at the Altstadt Apartments

Hausordnung Altstadt-Appartements Augsburg

Hausordnung Altstadt-Appartements Augsburg

Addition: house rules for shared accommodation

  • All residents are responsible for order and cleanliness in the house.
  • Every tenant has to arrange his behavior in such a way that the flatmates are disturbed as little as possible. common areas
  • The shared rooms must always be kept clean. If they are found dirty, every tenant should help themselves.
  • Every tenant is obliged to lock the apartment and to close the main entrance.
  • It is not permitted to connect your own heating and cooking appliances in the rooms.
  • The rooms must be locked when leaving. The Altstadt Appartements Verwaltung is not liable for lost private objects.
  • The tenants must keep the rooms in order. Other tenants in the shared apartment are to be spared noise, disorder or smells from their own room.