Boardinghouse – Langzeitwohnen Augsburg

The German Hotel and Restaurant Association defines the term as follows: “The boarding house (serviced apartment) is an accommodation company that is aimed at long-term users in urban surroundings. The furnishing of the apartments is geared towards private apartments.”



The term is derived from the English: “boarding” = catering and “house” = house.

“Long-term living”, “temporary living”, “temporary home” or apartment building are common terms in the German-speaking world.

Serviced apartments are a good alternative to an empty apartment – especially if the stay is scheduled for a medium-term period.

Boarding houses are particularly popular with local companies that are looking for accommodation for employees or interns. Practical especially when the family should be with Bo (a) rd.

As one of the first boarding houses on the site, our many years of experience in this field allow us to tailor offers and services to the needs of our target groups.

As is generally the case with boarding houses, all apartments in the Altstadt Appartements Augsburg are fully furnished – from bed, couch, dining table, cupboard, kitchen / lines to cutlery and crockery. Only personal things have to be brought along.

Of course, the full service of a boarding house also includes

all janitorial work, so that you have nothing to worry about. A short note is sufficient and the defective light bulb, for example, is replaced!

In the case of long-term living, a cleaning service is usually offered at an additional cost.

Especially with us you can set the interval yourself.

Whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or not at all – just as you wish.

A corresponding time lease agreement ensures the framework.

Essen - Dachgeschoss Wohnung Fux Altstadt Appartements

Essen – Dachgeschoss Wohnung Fux Altstadt Appartements

Depending on the house, it is common for the guest to make advance payments every month, so the apartment must be paid in advance.

For stays of 6 months or more, the monthly flat rate will be invoiced without statutory VAT (7%), which is equivalent to a rent in the strict sense.

As with empty apartments, it is common that a deposit must be paid, that the landlord is secured against any damage that may have occurred.