Apartment prices

Prices Altstadt-Appartements-Augsburg

Our rental concept is designed and tailored to long-term rentals. Short-term stays are possible in the meantime

The apartment prices vary depending on the size / length of stay and number of people in the apartment.

Apartment prices

  • per month: from € 1290.-
  • per week: from € 395.-
  • per night: from € 75.-
Preise Altstadt-Appartements-Augsburg

Preise Altstadt-Appartements-Augsburg

For stays of 6 months or more, the monthly flat rate is not charged. VAT 7% billed, which then equates to a rent in the real sense. We are pleased to send you an individual offer.

Inquire about our package deals for permanent stays of 3 months or more.

Named price incl. VAT. 7%